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Terentev Aleksandr

About company

Baltic Forwarding Company LLC was founded in 1997 and specializes in freight forwarding of all kind of Goods across all the territory of Russia and CIS and other foreign countries.

We organize the transportation of almost any size cargoes including over-sized and heavyweight, all kinds of containers and provide freight forwarding of general and dangerous cargo. Over the years of our operation, we have managed to create an integrated complex product, which allows us to effectively implement projects of reconstruction, modernization and exploitation of industrial facilities in the territory of the Russian Federation.

We are aware of current customs and tax laws of Russian Federation and pay particular attention to any changes in these areas. You can be always quiet with us for documentation on your transportation. There are about 100 people working in our company. In last reporting period, our annual turnover exceeded 5 billions rubles. We are the Customs Representative of Federal Customs Service of Russia. The competence of our company is also affirmed by membership in FIATA and FAR in the fields of engineering and construction including hazardous industrial facilities.

Since 2007 company’s quality system has been certified to ISO 9001. The external audit is regularly conducted. Our credibility is also maintained by renewable credit line from the “Sberbank of Russia”.

Presentation of the company
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Our Advantages

Range of services – from the basic engineering, customs clearance, transportation to “turnkey” construction supervision

We are the Customs representative of Federal Customs Service of Russia

Membership in FAR, FIATA in the fields of engineering and construction

We involve world and domestic leading specialized companies to implement the projects

We have our own truck fleet

We provide our services professionally and efficiently

Company operation is insured by the insurance company “Ingosstrakh”

Our leading bank is the “Sberbank of Russia”. Our credit history is sustainable and reliable

Our Clients

The key clients of Baltic Forwarding Company are oil companies, enterprises in the oil-and-gas, energy and chemical sectors, in paper and metal processing industries. In recent years among our Customers there were following companies: