Our services

Baltic Forwarding Company LLC holds a firm position in the freight forwarding market and provides the full range of services to organize cargo transportation using wide informational, financial, engineering and logistics resources.

Our services includes:

  • The full range of cargo customs clearance services
  • Workup of cargo transportation process
  • Preparation, processing and obtaining the Certificates/ Declarations of Conformity in accordance with the requirements of GOST-R, Fire Safety and Technical regulations of the Customs Union
  • Processing and obtaining the Certificate of Product Registration and Export Control (“ExCont”) report
  • Arranging of the cargo transportation by railway, road, sea, river and air
  • Transportation of hazardous cargoes
  • Arranging of the transportation of over-sized and heavy-weight cargoes
  • Cargo tracking on railway and on road transportation
  • Surveyor and warehousing services
  • Arranging of cargo security and insurance at the port and during transportation
  • Arranging of road transportation using our own truck fleet

Forwarding services

Supervising of cargo handling services, goods receipt, warehousing, storage, stowing and securing operations and shipment

Preparation of Supporting documentation

Prompt solving all arising problems

Outsourcing of FEA

Carrying out of Foreign Contracts from negotiations with your suppliers to turn-key delivery to the customer’s door

Organisation of international transportation, coordination with Currency control, customs, tax and other supervisory authorities


Preparation and agreeing of schemes of cargoes delivery

Coordination with Shipping lines, railway structures, hauliers and express delivery services

Providing of storage, handling and loading in ports, railway terminals and warehouses

Processing of the supporting documentation for cargo shipment

Customs clearance

Full range of customs clearance services of import and export goods and processing of commercial documents for any types of international trade Contracts

License of Customs representative with great experience

Processing of Classification Decisions, Certificates, Declarations of Conformity, Type approval of a vehicle, Examination Reports for Export Control (ExCont) and other documents.